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Please leave us a message of inspiration or suggestions of where to go next or what you can reccommend. We are open to suggestions of routes and equipment needed and any fundraising ideas! Thanks.


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13 11 2011
Mary James

What a wonderful idea, you are both very adventerous and brave. You have my full blessing for this trip though I will worry day and night when you are away!

Just a suggestion/offer – What about having a raffle? I will donate a Full Body Massage/Indian Head Massage/Reiki treatment (either of these) as a prize.

Good luck with all your planning,
Lots of Love,
Mum x

14 11 2011

Thanks Mary but try to keep the worrying to a minimum, we will be fine.

Yes Rose said she is going to hold a raffle at some stage and that’s a fantastic prize.

17 11 2011
Alannah Foley

Hi there!

I found your site because I noticed you were following my blog.

If you’d like to raffle off a few of my Cycling Widows ebooks (for eReaders or to print off), do get in touch via the email link on my website (

Kind regards.


PS I tried finding you on Facebook – couldn’t find a page – have put your blog link on a couple of FB pages, including my Cycling Widows page on FB, as I really enjoyed the read. Good luck with your rides – it all sounds fantastic!

20 12 2011

Hi Alannah we now have a facebook page you can look on and we are going to update both along the way. I am sure you will have some interesting reads from our trip!
Thanks for following us and sharing with your friends.
We will send a message to your page, thank you for the offer of the ebooks.
Rosy and Jim.

20 11 2011

Words of inspiration? Never be in too much of a hurry to have a bit of fun.
The best bicycle blog I’ve ever read? I loved the tale of their journey, and it might have some useful information for you two.
Thanks for following my blog, although “CyclingAsIs” isn’t touring anything interesting right now. I hope to have some more interesting information than merely my struggles with the mechanics of the matter soon.
Stay safe, and enjoy the ride!

20 12 2011

Thanks for the link, its a great story although the story about chaffing is a bit worrying!!
We are interested in any cycle related blogs people have and love reading other people’s tales. Thanks for following our blog and I hope we give you a little light entertainment along the way!
We will blog about the trip and hope you keep following us.

13 03 2012
Mary Russell

Hello to both of you. You’re committed cyclists! My own cycling is presently down to a bit of slow cycling from one set of traffic lights to the next on whichever city I’m in – Dublin or Oxford. But that’s OK. Suits me right now.

Great to find a cycling blog. This is the only one I’ve come across so I’ll stick with you.

14 03 2012

Hi Mary

Cycling is cycling- whatever makes you happy is great.
Thanks for getting in touch. There is some other really good blogs out there, we’re hoping ours will get more interesting when we set of on the trip in July so yes please do stick around, we’re happy to have you.

Rosy and Jim

18 04 2012
Harriett Roberts

We at Oxfam salute you! Chuffin’ brilliant what you are doing. Lots of luck with the training in the run up to July….

Love from Harriett & all at Oxfam!

18 04 2012

Thankyou Harriet! We are doing a mini cycle tour soon for 5 days to help us learn what we need a bit of training. More fundraisers to come so watch this space!

23 05 2012
Hilary J Rodgers

I had no idea you had this planned. Fantastic idea and adventure. Hope you stay safe, have great times and makes loadamoney for charity. Love Hilary xx (City Mags Witness Service Delivery Manager)

19 08 2012

Hi my Ross and jim jim I really miss u already and have been following ur blog,, loved the part about the hidden campsite and the midnight visitors,, karma defiantly had the dive bag destroying field mouse in its sights :). My stomach is growing as we speak and the morning sickness is getting slowly tolerable ( slowly being the word), I hope the padded cycling shorts are being kind to ur bottoms as I can imagine ur seats are not the most comfy things to ride round the world on,, anyway hope ro hear from u both soon and will keep myself updated with ur wonderful blog ( guardian published award winning blog I may add) miss u lots and pray for ur safe journeys every nite love u lots love Madeleine xxxxx

26 09 2012

Hi there Jimmy and Rose. D dog and I send our love from not so sunny Shrewsbury. Sounds like you are having an amazing ride around Europe. We rather belatedly signed up to the blog… so has been good to catch up on all your news. You have asked for tips and advice… Rose after witnessing Jimmy’s navigational skills hope you are in charge of the map and compass!
Big kiss Rhi & Dave aka Mr & Mrs Canham(Jnr) xxx

29 09 2012

Yo ‘monners’, nice to have you aboard. Unfortunately for all as the only owner of a fully functional map cover I continue to lead us astray, ha ha ha. We trust all is well in the Shrew with you guys?

Love Rosy and Jim

9 10 2012
Louise Cooke

Just having tea with your dad. He is visiting his old hairy archaeology friends in Yorkshire. It looks like you are having a brilliant time and what a great idea. Your dad of course is rightly proud of you. Good luck and looking forward to your blog updates. Lu & Dominic.

10 10 2012

Hi Lu and hi Dominic

Aye we’re having a rare old time and we are very proud of him too.


12 11 2012
Cath Gaboreau

Hi you amazing travellers! I thought about raising money for Oxfam and yourselves and have booked Primet Hall in Colne for the 14th of December for a good old jumble sale, raffle and tea, coffee and mince pies. It will start at 5.30pm. I know you won’t be there but if anyone more local read this, it will get known. There will be advertising around Colne too. Hopefully, we’ll get a bob or two. I thought 2/3 to Oxfam and 1/3 to you, what do you think? I so much enjoy reading your blog, it’s stirring some travelling bug in me… Thank you for sharing!

13 11 2012

Ah Cath this is such a lovely thing for you to do! I will tell everyone about it!. I used to love the Jumble sales there. Ill get some donations for it too. Maybe Boundary Mill will donate a prize too. Travelling is amazing and everyone should experience it. We met many a traveller who were decades older than us, go for it Cath and thanks for your support. See you at christmas! 🙂

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