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Cycling duo mirrorHello!  Thanks for checking out the blog.

We are Rosy and Jim and in July we set off on our Tour de World. It’s like the Tour de France but without France and without the racing. Our ride is not a ‘mission’, our ride is not ‘epic’, our ride is… is… well we’re just riding round the world. We know we are looking forward to meeting people, seeing places and enjoying the adventure but until we do it I can’t think of a word to sum it up. One factor that makes our world ride a little different to others is that we will be stopping and working in the winter months, the first base will be in Southern Anatolia and we suspect the next will be in South Korea or Japan. We will not use air travel on any of our tour and any motorised travel will be kept at a minimum. We are also raising money to support the excellent work Oxfam our doing around the world, particularly in education, a field close to our hearts with Jim a teacher and Rosy and Jim both now TEFL trained and planning to teach on our trip.

Apart from setting off next summer and heading East we have no particular route in mind and won’t be in a rush, we want to see as much as we can and meet as many people as possible, so we would love to hear any suggestions and recommendations people have about where to go, what to do and anything else you want to share with us.

As well as there being a link for people to donate money directly to Oxfam on this blog (Oxfam) we will also be organising a variety of fun fundraisers that we’d be delighted for you to come and enjoy, so watch this space for upcoming events.

Its important that to clarify that all money donated will go to Oxfam. We will be fully funding our trip with savings and with work along the way, of which we will be giving 5% to Oxfam.

So please if you’ve got any ideas, advice or questions please get involved and get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you


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14 11 2011

Hey guys – would love to be able to follow your progress as you plan for your big trip. Do you have a follow or subscribe option for your blog? Good luck with the planning and I hope to throw some pearls of wisdom in every now and then! All the best. James.

17 11 2011

Thanks James!
TYes you can folllow the blog on the top left hand side and I think you can subscribe to us.
We are trying to get as many peopleto view our blog and pass on to others so we can get information and advice for our trip.
We are very open to pearls of wisdom, whatever they may be!
Thanks for the interest!

15 11 2011

Awesome idea and you will have a ball of a time I am sure. I am going to put a link on my blog to try and help you raise more cash.

Suggestion? I’d take a jar of vaseline. Really handy if you find you have a sore spot or two from unexpected rubbing from shoes, pants, tops etc. Also good to stop sweat drying out your eyelids and making them sore.

Good luck and I will be following your progress with interest.

p.s. Robin says hi. We work together! 🙂 Small world.

15 11 2011

Hi Mark

Top tip on the old vaseline, cheers.
Thanks for putting the link up too.
Which Robin are we talking about and who do they know Rose or Jim, or both?

19 11 2011

Hey.. WOW it all looks absolutely amazing, so proud of you. Rose you must have a butt of steel these days.. I have a friend that cycled around SE Asia so will get some advice form him once i’ve seen Rose in person this week. Its a good idea to write into SE Asia Backpacker magazine, they publish some amazing stories and could maybe hook you up with some sponsorship.. Keep the blogs going they are brill, Jimmy love your article, gave me a real feel good factor.. 🙂

19 11 2011

Ha, thanks for all of that Mina, good ideas. Have a wonderful week with my steely butted spouse! And I look forward to seeing you myself one day soon.

3 12 2011
Lem Kenny

Hoe you make it to Turkey!

31 12 2011

Hi Lem, we will hopefully be arriving in Turkey in October and you will see quite a lot of us around that time, including christmas! Turkey will be our first long stop.

15 01 2012
Human Rights Online Philippines

Hey rosy and jim thanks for following HRonlinePH.com. Hope you’ll visit us often. We are Human Rights Online Philippines and we feature articles, blogs, news information and photos on human rights in the Philippines. This site also offers current
urgent action and list of links to other human rights online resources.

You’ve got nice blog here. Looking forward to reading more from you!

15 01 2012

Hi, thanks for the support and for following our blog! We are looking forward to setting off on our trip and visiting the philippines in the near future.
Let us know if we can be of any support to your good cause.
Rosy and Jim.

23 07 2012
Mike MacSween

Lovely meeting you both today. Thanks very much for the bike and the extra bits and pieces. Really admire what you’re doing. Looking forward to seeing the updates.

25 07 2012

Hi Mike, great to meet you too and thank you so much for the very generous Oxfam donation!

Have a nice ride in Scotland, go well.

21 09 2012
Cath Gaboreau

Hi rosyandjim, Sally gave me the link to your blog today and I read it all, amazing! Felt like a travel bug coming my way. I will be following some more and thinking of some ways of raising money for you and Oxfam. Keep on pedalling! Bonne chance et bonne route !!

29 09 2012


Thanks for you message, we are having a great time. In Montenegro currently planning on how to get ourselves to Turkey.


15 03 2013
Bryan Keith

Hi Rosy,

Hey, good to meet you tonight at Shaker Pub. I scrolled through your blog a bit. I met Rhiannon when she was in Antalya last year. Later she e-mailed me about some advice for your tour through the Balkans. Don’t know what I wrote her or if you followed my advice, but at this this point I was thinking, “it’s a small world!” Then I scrolled further and found that you stayed with Dick and Els in Den Haag. Well, yes, a small world after all. I hosted them at my apartment in Boulder many years ago!

Hope to meet you and the German cyclists this weekend. Tuesday works best, but I think I could do Monday evening as well.


17 03 2013

Wow it is a small world, but it still takes a long time to get round it! Love to meet up and Tues sounds good, I think the cyclitst will stilll be here. Ill email you my number. Dick and Els hosted us on our first night of our trip! Lovely people. See you soon, will talk about part of your trip that we re doing in June. x

18 03 2013
Bryan Keith


Sounds great. I still haven’t seen your e-mail with the phone number. I can do tonight (Monday) too. Here’s my number: 0536 734 7743


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