Time to say goodbye again!

13 08 2014

The time has come again in our lives where we leave it all behind for pastures new, – well not quite all – as we pack up 4 large cases, far too much hand luggage and not quite enough room for everything and everyone we want to take with us.


It has been a whirlwind of a year so far for James and I, mainly good times and some less desirable. We are grateful for all our loving and patient family and friends who have looked after us, housed us and put up with the many bikes, bags and belongings we have in tow.



We are very lucky to have family whom we can turn to in good times and bad, and we appreciate all the support. We were sad to leave China but are happy we got the (unexpected) opportunity to spend the last 6 months in the UK to catch up with so many people we love and have had a ‘blooming good time.’ We even got the chance to have a small bike tour around the UK and experienced some beautiful countryside.


As we have packed all our belongings (and hope the lovely check -in assistant does not charge us a fortune) we are ready to leave for Uzbekistan. Everyone we have told said, “where is that?” or “why Izpekistan?” We are positive it will be a great experience for us (even though James will not have a choice of 4 bikes) and we are looking forward to experiencing yet another new country, culture and exciting new jobs.



We will update our blog as often as possible and welcome all your comments. We are both members of the ‘smartphone club’ now so there are plenty of alternative options for communication.