Goodbye Antalya

3 06 2013

Well that’s it for us and Antalya, we’re back on the road again today. So, what will we remember from this extended pit stop?

Firstly, the pace of life in this relatively small Mediterranean city is slower than that of Manchester, and even other neighboring Turkish cities. We have thoroughly enjoyed cruising in the middle lane, for example swimming in the sea on our lunch hour is a rather nice way of de-stressing. Whilst here we’ve worked full time but not a regular 9 to 5 schedule like we did previously. The downside of this is we’ve often missed each other because one is working evenings for example and the other in the day.  We’re currently in the process of applying for teaching positions in the far east at international schools that keep regular hours so as to avoid this inconvenience again.


During our time we have unexpectedly returned to the UK several times. Funerals, babies and major operations are all tactics that our families have shamelessly employed to garner our affections. We suspect they may be working a commission contract with Just another reason to get back on the bikes and pedal east if you ask me.


Personal highlights have to be: new year in Istanbul and the surprise visit of the decadent Jason Middleton, skiing in Davras with the gorgeous Claire and fortunate Matty Walker, hiking in the surrounding Taurus mountains with friends and on  personal level ‘that volley’ I scored in my final football match (Omer- you know!). Day to day it’s been great to be able to eat out all the time and enjoy a truly outdoor culture. It’s a little different to the escape and evade rain tactics of Manchester life.

fotoğraf (3)

Now the obligatory thanks. Firstly to all our friends and colleagues for being stand up folk, or barmy enough to be endearing. Secondly our students for giving us the motivation to leave the beach and drag our sorry behinds to work. And finally to Lem and Tez for being as generous as they are tolerant and letting us squat in their basement and hog the sofas for what must have seemed like longer than 6 months. Here they are celebrating our imminent departure.





5 responses

3 06 2013
laura mina

hi guys what an amazing read really enjoyed the pieces… I’m so excited for the next chapter and I bet you are too… I’m loving teaching in SEAsia and I’m,sure you guys will too being able to enjoy your weekends together is part of the adventure Every weekend there is always something new to explore in a new and exciting country… Stay safe.. Miss you guys….xxx

3 06 2013
brenda braun

Hi Rosie…always great to hear from you…thanks for all the interesting info…Blessings dear auntie…Brenda and John

3 06 2013
john costello


Great Blog, you are getting good at this lark. All I can add is all good things….. keep in touch and dont talk to Rob and Ryan about South Korea they will put you off going there. Weather pollution very very few English speakers beer not great you name it its a bit of a downer. keep in touch I am doing my second triathlon in Rhyl on Sunday love


14 06 2013

Hi John, possible news on the job front to follow…. Good luck in the triathalon, how did the first one go? x

4 06 2013

Good luck you two! Enjoy re-honing those legs to long distance riding. Looking forward to following the progress east.

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