Microadventure to Göynük Saddle

20 01 2013

Microadventuring is an idea we heard about through a chap called Alistair Humphreys. It can take many forms but it encapsulates any 24- 48 hour trip that you start and finish at your front door and involves spending the night outdoors. With all these mountains in touching distance from Antalya we packed our rucksacks and set off.

Göynük, a small town 15 kms west, was our destination. The bus costs 5tl, leaves form Migros shopping mall and takes 30 minutes. We asked the driver to drop us on the east side of the river, the base of Göynük canyon, and the beginning of our hike.

Goynuk Canyon

There’s a twenty minute walk up a tarmac road through a cluster of Göynük houses that have crossed the river before reaching the entrance to the National Park where you must pay 5tl to go any further. We told the attendant that we would be walking out the other side of the park that day because we suspected he would not let us camp or make us pay for a guide (signs suggested this). In future we will cross the riverbed earlier to avoid this toll.

Crossing the River

A further kilometre up the canyon path brings you to your first sight of the Lycian Way- identified by painted red and white lateral stripes. Follow these steeply to your left and you’re on the path to Göynük saddle; the high point for our microadventure. A three hour gentle to medium hike in the tree line and we were at our camp spot, a place called Alayapi’s grave, which has enough space for two small tents and is next to an old stone fortification built into the side of a rocky pinnacle.


It was a chilly night, we later learned it had been -8C; the coldest in 8 years. We gathered lots of wood before dusk and had a (safe) roaring fire. Dinner was a slight let down; we packed a tub of yoghurt instead of the veg curry we had in the other yoghurt tub! A somewhat shivery nights sleep has us on the lookout for some warmer sleeping bags in preparation for our 4000 m passes later in the year.

Cooking by the Fire

Morning Brew- MSR

The next day after coffee and porridge we marched up to the promised saddle to behold the views of the Tunç. The Tunç is a snowy peaked mountain in north of the saddle which stands at 2700m. To south lay the Mediterranean. We took some photos and smugly remarked that we had the hills to ourselves.

Conquering the Saddle

30 minutes later whilst retracing our steps we stumbled into Adrian, a cheery bloke from Paris. Last year he walked from Istanbul to Norther Iraq via Iran. He’d just spent 8 months working in Antakya and was now walking his way back to France, some buses too he added! And we thought cycling was slow. We shared some biscuits and stories before parting. You never know who’s around the next deserted corner.

Rose and Adrian

2 hours later and we were back in Goynuk town. Before heading back the city we couldn’t resist stopping at roadside lokanta for a rewarding feed. You can see the saddle over Rose’s head, if you can take your eyes off our feast that is.

Door to door in 32 hours. Total cost 50tl (£20). Puts a smile on your face. Microadventuring: give it a go!A Well Earnt Meal, eh.






9 responses

21 01 2013

Beautiful pictures, and a well-earned feast!

21 01 2013

Cheers, and thanks for the Microadventure tip!

21 01 2013
john and marie

Microadventuring sounds good must give it a try. Just back from a week in the french alps skiing with best mate Ray stayed in the hotel his daughter manages great week. One question did you use the Swedish fire lighter I got you for Christmas? we are all well albeit we have a lot of snow in Glossop well 6 inches compared to the 3 metres in La Plagne. Left for work all togged up in boots gaiters etc only to find Manchester had no snow it was drizzling rain got some funny looks . Lots of love

John et al

21 01 2013

Hi all, the Alps sounds lovely. Of course we used the Swedish lighter- its quality, thanks. Manchester- Drizzling? You- getting funny looks? There’s two surprising statements!
Love Rosy and Jim

17 02 2013
Yeonjoo, Choi

You guys are still doing very good. I really envy Rose and you, Jimi. I’ve got a job a month ago and graduated Univ. so,, busy days –;: I’m missing riding and camping very much. Hopely have a safe and memorable trip. I’m still waiting your padaling in Korea ^^


17 02 2013
Yeonjoo, Choi

Oops pedaling@@

20 02 2013

Hi mate, congratulations on the job- I think? We’re still planning on making our way to Korea someday- somehow. Are you still in Busan? How’s Donkey doing?
Rosy and Jim

3 04 2013

Donkey still live somewhere in Canada. He wants to be a Canadian donkey.^^ He is trying to immigrate to Canada. I moved from Busan to Geoje because of my job. Geoje is beautiful island near Busan.
Have a nice trip Jimi and Rosy. When next posting is update? ^^&kk

7 04 2013

Canada would be lucky to have a donkey that strong. What is your job Joo? Posting update is imminent, we’re preparing to hit the road again soon too.

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