A New Life- Turkish Style

11 12 2012

Down at Olympos- Again

Well we’re almost two months into our new life in Turkey and it’s been a remarkably productive start. I say remarkable because we are surprised how quickly and easily we were able to carve out a new life, both professionally and socially.

We had several weeks getting used to the idea of being settled in Antalya and we had each set our minds on getting some normality into our lives. Rose had a plan of action for gaining employment and was uploading CVs and making calls from the moment we had a roof over our heads. Jimi on the other hand had very different priorities and spent the first few days virtually begging people to let him play footy.

The award for most industrious goes to Rose for securing four different jobs within 10 days. Rose now tutors English to several sets of children and delivers English language workshops in an international school. Always a slow starter, but particularly so after the monetary pressures had diminished thanks to Roses success, Jimi (lazy) waited another (lazy) ten days until starting work at a private language school. He now teaches 5 times a week to small groups of mainly University students wishing to improve their English to further their future careers.


So what do we do when we’re not working? Well pretty much the same as we did when we were in Manchester. It is just the conditions we do them under that are different.For example;

Swimming: instead of paying £4 to swim in a busy pool we walk down to the park and swim off the rocks for free.

Football: (Jimi) It is almost exclusively 7 aside here and the Turks don’t like being tackled, often complaining at great lengths at the merest whiff of my incoming boot.

The pub: The breweries Efes and Tuborg have the market cornered here but fortunately they’re pretty good. Actually Jimi is brewing his own real ale for Christmas as we speak. The pubs we like are like cosy bars with outdoor seating (blankets not needed).

Coffee: We’re still drinking espressos from our camping peculator but when we fancy an hour out there’s several trendy and popular coffee shops on the main street selling flavoured Turkish coffees such as almond and hazelnut as well as European style coffee.


Hiking: One of Antalya’s greatest assets is that one minute you can be in the sea and then in 4 hours you can find yourself trekking to the top of a 2800m mountain. The views are splendid, it helps that there isn’t fog and torrential sideways rain here. In the winter we will be walking the same peaks but with ice axe and crampons.

Hiking near Antalya

Dog walking: Each morning we walk Lem and Tez’s dog around the local park and listen to a podcast. It’s a nice start to the day, we’re definitely going to get our own dog when we settle for good.


And food (of course): We’re still eating a lot of it. We’ve always eaten fresh food and a lot of vegetables but now we’ve taken it to another level. Not only is it very fresh but it’s so cheap too. There are several nearby markets each week and we enjoy shopping for food more than ever, the taste testing is a meal in itself!

Market Day

All in all life ain’t half bad here and we’re enjoying this part of our trip  just as much as the travelling.