6 10 2012

Once again our own ineptitude to research an upcoming country amazes us and we arrive at the border knowing nothing. The passport control man was a right joker, he wanted to confiscate Rose and Rhi. I said that this would be OK and on seeing my sincerity hastily released them. We then met a motorbike man at the shop who recommended the Bay of Kotor to us and warned us against being outside after 4pm in Albania. So marginally better informed we rode down the Montenegrin coast,  again taking advantage of the hospitality of closed campsites.


The Bay of Kotor really is something special. We cycled around it at a snails pace so we could enjoy it for as long as possible. In Kotor we bought the most tasty smoked ham we had ever eaten and some pretty decent olives too.

After Croatia we really noticed the lack of foreign tourists here, I think because of this we have had many more chats with other travelers  swapping stories and advice alike. The coast is pretty heavily developed and the main road not much fun to cycle on. The secondary roads are much more fun and we often found fresh water wells to cool off in and top up the supplies.

There is also a number of tunnels to negotiate, we did not much enjoy these.

After only four days we headed into Albania and another unknown!







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6 10 2012

Hi guys! Jonny here. Ive been taken in by Joseph in Tetevo. He runs a cycling club, and has a carbon fibre racer. They are lovely. I watched Tom and Jerry with his son today. Im being introduced to the whole town. My bus is fully booked so it looks like Ill be hanging around these parts for a while longer. Montenegro is the most wild, untouched place I’ve seen in Europe. There are two types of bear and wolves! Hope all is well, avoid the bears ovs. J

7 10 2012

Hey Crazy Jonny. Of course you have been introduced to the whole town, imagine the spectacle. We have just found out about the bears and such post camping in their national park. Rhi got sick yesterday and had to hitch. We think it’s some sort of come down from the Jonny party. Take it easy you crazy so and so.

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