The final shakedown!

20 07 2012

So this week saw us packing all our belongings up and shipping to various relatives for storage. (It’s amazing the junk that accumulates over the years!)

We packed the panniers with our belongings to keep us going for a few years, including tent, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, cooker and clothing, albeit not as many as I (Rose) first hoped for.

Our practice cycle with all the gear from Alfreton to Buxton was a steady climb and we really felt the weight as we climbed the hills into Buxton. With everything ready to go and the house clear of all the junk, we now only have a weekend of farewells (again) and a small event of the wedding of our close friends Ben and Cat on Sunday, before setting off Monday!

We appreciate all the support, encouragement and donations of both sponsorship and kit from our friends and family and hope you follow our blog and keep in touch, whether that be email, skype, our blog, facebook or even good old snail mail.

We will update as often as possible and also be posting comments on Facebook as and when we have wifi.




One response

23 07 2012
Kell and Greg

All the best guys! Can’t believe it’s come around so quickly. Ride safe 🙂 Lots of love from Australia xxx

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