Grupo Compacto

31 07 2012

At first there was one: Jimi cycling down to Cambridge as Rose did indeed have to rest in Buxton for a few days whilst recuperating from a chest infection.

And then there were two as Rose arrived on the train.

And then there was three as Jake (Jimi’s big little brother- a brother from another mother, and father) arrived on the next train.

So as they say on the Tour de France when the peleton catches the break away, “Groupo Compacto.”

Our Speedo says 410 kilometres as we sit eating our weetabix on the Harwich to Hook of Holland Stenna ferry.

After dragging ourselves away from Ant Gilly’s in Cambridge we’ve had a lovely ride down to Harwich and it’s actually made us stop and understand why people come to the UK for their holidays. But what the hell we’re still leaving!

A night of heavy rain and a glimpse at the forecast has us questioning our northern route…


Going, going, going, going…

25 07 2012

going… going, going, going… going, going… going, gone!

Yes that’s right we promise it’s true. You won’t see us at anymore goodbye parties. Although we would recommend a hoax ‘we’re leaving’ scheme as it’s a great way to get all your friends together and have a merry old time!

Our final party was the wedding of our beautiful friends- and long suffering neighbours- Ben and Cat.

Day 1: We cycled to Buxton from Manchester on the hottest day of the year so far with coincidentally the worst hangovers of the year so far (post wedding). Unfortunately Rose has a chest infection and has just started a course of anti- biotics, she may have to rest here for a few days and take a train to Cambridge. We will see. On the way over we asked a man to take our picture, it turns out he was just back from walking to Norway to Spain over 6 months, there are others!

The final shakedown!

20 07 2012

So this week saw us packing all our belongings up and shipping to various relatives for storage. (It’s amazing the junk that accumulates over the years!)

We packed the panniers with our belongings to keep us going for a few years, including tent, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, cooker and clothing, albeit not as many as I (Rose) first hoped for.

Our practice cycle with all the gear from Alfreton to Buxton was a steady climb and we really felt the weight as we climbed the hills into Buxton. With everything ready to go and the house clear of all the junk, we now only have a weekend of farewells (again) and a small event of the wedding of our close friends Ben and Cat on Sunday, before setting off Monday!

We appreciate all the support, encouragement and donations of both sponsorship and kit from our friends and family and hope you follow our blog and keep in touch, whether that be email, skype, our blog, facebook or even good old snail mail.

We will update as often as possible and also be posting comments on Facebook as and when we have wifi.

Whoop de Tour

8 07 2012

And just like that Whoop de Tour has been and gone. We hope it was as good for you as it was for us.

In case you weren’t there here are some pictures to show you what you missed. And if you were there and would like to be reminded of what you looked like here is the evidence.

A big thank you to everyone who came and made it a really special night.
And a particularly big thank you to Matty Walker for our Rosy and Jim song, Sally and Phil for their beautiful set, Dr Butlers Hatstand Medicine Band for their brilliant show and John Alton for his awesome DJing (and not punching Ken).

We’ve now made a ‘bag of sand’ (£1000) for Oxfam and will continue to fund raise as we go. We leave on the 23rd July and the blog is sure to get more exciting so keep on reading, knowing that our friends are following our progress is a really nice feeling so thanks for that too.

Fame at Last

5 07 2012

So this week we were very fortunate to be invited on the wonderful Carolyne Boyd’s ALL FM radio show. Click here to listen to the show, we’re on from 28 minutes.

In other news those following my attempts to win a camera via the Guardian weekly travel competition will be pleased to see that I have once again secured a runners up spot. Here is my mini article on Mljet, Croatia. Click on the picture below.