4 Wheels and a Wedding

29 05 2012

Finally a full shake down of the gear. And what a weekend to choose, absolutely typical English May weather- honest.

We both went to our respective work places on our fully loaded Sherpas. Both bikes were laid to rest in the safety of our respective offices for the day too, No risks being taken here!

The rendezvous was Knutsford train station at 4pm, both parties were punctual and the journey began. South Westernly towards our campsite in Wrenbury, it was a lovely evening and the route took us down country lanes and river towpaths. The only moment of confusion was when we lost the route 75 signs, then out of the blue came Rich; a local rider from the Weaver Club. He was on his 4th day of 120 miles plus, truly putting our humble evening ride into perspective. Rich chivalrously cycled us the final 6 miles to our campsite and waved us on our way. Lovely chap.

We had barely put up our tent by the time we’d greedily devoured our Kronenburgs and bacon fries- there’s nothing like a beer after a ride. After some great tucker cooked on our donated MSR XGK stove (Thanks Jem- lovely chap- good luck on your US ride) and one more beer, we slept like very tired logs for 8 hours.

The following morning we set off on the anticipated 2 and a half hour ride to Shrewsbury and the wedding of our good friends Dave and Rhi. Again a very picturesque ride in the English Sun down the Mercian Way (Route 45). Rosy was looking rosy until we passed a sign saying Shrewsbury 26 miles with about an hour to go before we had to be there. After a slight panic, we set off with renewed vigour and jaffa cakes making it by the skin of our teeth. After a quick shower and erection of the tent we arrived at the wedding a good 2 minutes before the Bride.

The wedding was absolutely fantastic. I only hope the happy couple had as much fun as we did.

Raise your glasses to Rhi and Dave. x


Whoop de Tour and a Footy Tournament

21 05 2012

We have arranged some events to raise money for Oxfam.

6 aside footy tournament in Chorlton Park, Manchester
June 9th, 2pm
£5 per player

You don’t need a whole team, plenty of folks are coming on their own and we’ll create super teams from them.

After, there are some Euro 2012 games so we’ll either go back to ours or a nearby public house for refreshments and proper footy.


Whoop de Tour;

A goodbye party with proper quality entertainment, not from us don’t worry, at Salford Studio, King Arms. There’s open mic, a magician, a fantastic comedy sketch duo, a great 2 piece band and the brilliant Dr Butler’s Hatstand Medicine Band. So come along and have a good old knees up.

You can buy your tickets through us personally or through the Whoop Tickets page on this blog. It’s £5 advance or £7 on the door. Buy now to avoid disappointment.

Oh and don’t for get to wear a hat!

See you there x