Poker, canal boats and the Olympic stadium

2 04 2012

What do they have in common? Us and our weekend.

On Friday we hosted the second of our charity poker nights. This time with more people and better beer. We had 2 barrels of Starry Night ale brewed by Richard Brazen at the Star Inn in Higher Broughton Salford. It is delicous!

Luckily the government hadn’t told people not to panic buy ale and salted snacks so there was plenty for everyone and fueled by this winning combination we all got tremendously merry and lost. Well I say lost, actually 3 people won but donated all their winnings to Oxfam. What lovely (drunk) people. Thanks to everyone who made it a great night and particularly the generous winners Paul Neary, Jemma McKenna and Andy Mac/ Jambo. We raised £230 which is brilliant.

After tidying up and kicking out the last remaining friends we caught the train down to London and spent a lovely day and evening with our friends on their canal boat in Angel, London. I’m always left feeling vey jealous of these boat people. It seems a wonderful way to have a simple life in an inner city environment, they also have a lovely sense of community with new neighbours pulling up for a coffee regularly and sharing stories.

Sunday we attended the ‘Jason Middleton Olympics’. Ok so it was actually the Gold Challenge, one of the Olympic test events. Jason won a place to race the 100 metres through his work and we turned out in our tens to cheer him on. Alas it was not meant to be and he finished a gallant third. The stadium looks great and I’m sure all those lucky enough to get tickets will have an amazing time.

Starry Night don't do weekends but if they did….




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