A (little) bit more training

29 01 2012

With just 6 months until we embark on this sometimes daunting but mostly double mega exciting bike ride we have begun to train a little bit more each week. I’m playing sports at work (I teach Sport in a college) with colleagues and students and in my spare time with friends, I’m also throwing in some core strengthening sessions too. Rose is doing circuit training regularly and begins her hula hoop sessions again next week, and of course we are both cycling to and from work every day. At the weekends we like to try and get out of the city to do some longer rides or walks together.

Being our nearest hills, the Peak District is our favourite weekend getaway, whether by bike, train or our friend Pete’s borrowed Minibus. So with Pete playing the crucial roles of driver, personal trainer and story teller we struck out for a few hours in the snow. Our only aim was to have a nice Sunday out and it developed into a fartlek training session, a continuous fast walk with distances of jogging and sprints up the hills. Pete seemed to find great amusement it watching us slip and slide around the dales whilst becoming increasingly more like a hyper excited Chris Akubusi.

With a light glazing of snow, Goyt Valley could have easily graced any post card today. Apart from the red faced walleys running around in their new Oxfam T-shirts, it was a picture of serenity. I confidently recommend this part of the world to those who haven’t yet been.

Speaking of the world, we have been thinking of our summer amble though Europe towards Turkey. Has anybody out there done any cycling in Eastern Europe or rode the Eurovelo 11, what is it like? Or have you got somewhere in particular you could recommend we visit, we would really appreciate any advice.


Back on the road!

17 01 2012

I can’t tell you how good it feels to be back in the saddle again and “free”.
I have for the last two months been bike-less, due to it being stolen then finding it hard to replace, due to lack of money, choice and time.

I have now been loaned a a bike from my auntie until the trip to get some well needed training in and to avoid the hellish bus journeys I have been experiencing.

It felt great to be able to get on my bike this morning in the freezing cold and cycle all the way to work, without having to wait ages at the bus stop, squeeze next to someone on the bus, listen to their awful songs on loudspeaker on their phones, wait at traffic lights and, pay, ACTUALLY pay!
I just hopped on my bike and 15 minutes later no traffic lights or screaming kids and I was there, very quick compared to the hour on a bus!
Suffice to say I am very happy to have my bike back again with an expensive Kryptonite lock to secure it I may add.

So I returned home from work today (by 5:15) to find a lovely printed training programme pinned to my wall…. Jimi has been busy devising a programme to help me get even more fitter for our trip in the not too distant future. To be precise,only 190 days!

So off I go to do my tricep dips, dorsal raises, press ups and a jog down the road before my lovely healthy dinner which Jimi is making as I speak.

Watch this space for updates of our fundraising events to come and updates on how the training is going.