Charity Poker night

29 12 2011

Our first fundraising event took place last month in the form of a poker night.

So off to the wholesalers I go to purchase food and beers, with the plan to sell the refreshments at a small mark up and the profits going to the Oxfam fund. The invitations went out, we did have one guest arrive 4 weeks early due to idiocy, but everyone turned up on the night including guests from as far a field as London, Shrewsbury and New Zealand.

So me being the only girl among a room full of men ready to play poker, I do admit to feeling a little intimidated by the talent (or what I though was talent) in the room.

After a couple of hours I was still in with a chance with a nice pile of chips. I wasn’t even the first or second, or third out of the game which I was very proud of and at least I wasn’t as bad as Jimi “Fold” Davies!

The next day with a few empty beer bottles and dirty pizza plates, the poker money tin had £82 in it and a good start for our fundraising.

Our only regret was inviting “The Andy’s”, a couple of well known poker sharks just back from the World Series, they went home with (small) handfuls of cash. (Gritted teeth) “Well done lads”.

Watch this space for more events; were planning a gig, a sports tournament, a huge raffle, charity bike wash, a race night with pies an peas …. also open to ideas.

After the christmas period of food, drink, friends, family and a spot of illness we will get into training for the trip and get our fundraising heads into gear.

Thanks all and hope to see you at the next one.




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