Another one bites the dust!

3 12 2011

Every cyclists nightmare when you return to your once locked and secured treasured bicycle to realise it is no longer there. (This is in fact the 5th bike me and Jimi have have had stolen this year!)

A small possession for some which is in fact is my whole means of getting around, to and from work, to the shops and for pleasurable rides at the weekend. It is not only that they took my bike but I now have to sit on a bus in rush hour traffic, (something cyclists do not have to put up with) for an hour when it normally takes 10 minutes on my bike to get to work, it costs me my well earned money and is very time consuming. I look out of the window and felt a little bit jealous of the cyclists weaving in and out of the traffic cruising down the road whilst we re sat still.

Well, little did they know but they in fact did me a favour, my trusty (and rusty) old bike was in need of replacing anyway and now we have insurance (after numerous thefts) I can in fact buy the touring bike to train ready for our big trip next year. So thank you bike thieves for taking the decision out of my hands of when and how to buy the new bike ready for our tour. My bike will hopefully be as good to you as it was me, that is if you get the brakes fixed, put a bit of well needed oil on the gears, get new tyres and give it a good clean, but in fact you’ll probably sell it for a tenner somewhere!

The police officer said bike theft is one of the highest crimes but I hope in other countries around the world this is not the case. A new bike will be on its way soon, when Jimi kindly chooses and buys me one.




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4 12 2011

Sorry to hear about your bike being knicked, but you’ve found the silver lining in the whole thing so good luck and have fun choosing a new bike. Stealing makes me so mad – when something does not belong to you, I don’t care if it’s in a store or on the sidewalk, you don’t take it. Someone else worked hard to earn that thing and it is theirs to cherish. One can only hope that perhaps whilst riding it away they got a couple of flats!

4 12 2011

At least a couple!

7 12 2011

Maybe 5 is the limit and it won’t happen again?

14 12 2011

Sorry to hear of the theft… Every time I leave my bike I have that pang of worry that it won’t be there when I return. Neither cheap nor that expensive, I have a strong emotional attachment to my rides… as James says, a bike is something to cherish. My only consolation is that my bikes are not that ‘trendy’ and hence don’t catch the eye.

27 12 2011

Bummer! Have you ever thought about puttong some GPS tracking on your bike?

for example:

Definitely don’t want an expensive bike stolen!

4 01 2012

I totally feel your pain. I also had my bike nicked recently and have experienced the same public transport disappointment/rage. It’s so rubbish (squashed, expensive, smelly, sweaty, slow) compared to the trusty bike, and you don’t get your daily exercise. I’ve started walking instead to compensate. My bike was also pretty ancient, but it had served me well. I always thought I could rely on it not being stolen as I didn’t think anyone else would want it. Anyway, I need to get on with getting a new bike!

12 01 2012

Hi Alyss, I have still not got a bike, I miss the exercise and it shows on my belly! The insurance company will hopefully be nice to me and help me along in buying a new bike.
I hope I never have to get a bus to work again. I did the right thing and bought myself an expensive kryptonite lock hopefully as a deterrent to the bike thieves.

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