An almost award winning travel writer

13 11 2011

I’m sure you all read it, although just in case you missed it:

In the runners up section, under my writing pseudonym “James”.

The oringinal article was a little bit longer but obvously they’re saving the rest for another issue, possibly it’s own issue, who knows?

No cycling for us this weekend but we have been working on our fitness with some frisbee and sprints in the park.

Oh and we have made two decisions this weekend;

1) We are going to leave at the end of July after our friends Ben and Kats wedding.

2) We are thinking of heading to Scandinavia first, possibly on a ferry from Harwich to Esbjerg and then to ride a loop through Norway and Sweden.

Has anyone been to Scandinavia? We would really love some tips on where to go, what to see and do.





3 responses

14 11 2011

Runner up is just a step along the way to winner! Thank you for sharing your adventures in cycling with us, and we hope to read so much more from you in the future. Keep up the hard work.

14 11 2011

Congratulations. I’d love to read the full article… would you be so kind as to post it?

15 11 2011

Hi Rhi (Chief Editor)
I’m sure you’ve seen it but hey, give the public what they want and all that.

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