“Today we Rode!”

5 11 2011

We decided a little training may be needed before our trip and this means setting off early from Manchester and tackling the long steep hills of the peak District towards Buxton.

Much to my dismay it wasn’t raining, (I had just purchased a nice Patagonia waterproof and wanted an excuse to wear it!)
So we got to the first hill, half way up my legs failed and I had to push the bike and my backpack up the hill, stopping halfway to remove a layer of clothing to prevent overheating. Jimi cruised past me with the full panniers up the hill before me.

Finally we reached the top and phew!, we took a breather before the long descent down. We set off down the hill to a loud screeching noise coming from both the bikes and realised our brakes were not working properly! Jimmy had his brakes on full and he was still powering down the hill with the weight of the panniers on the back of him.
So eventually the ride down the hill turned into pushing our bikes down at a slow pace, due to the sheer steepness of the hill.

“Pushing downhill”: the final insult to a wannabe fast cyclist! (but a nice metaphor, for what I’m not sure)

All in all a top day, now we are off to hide from the fireworks, eat lamb and be merry.




One response

13 11 2011

Interesting reading, I will be following your blog and looking forward to future post ups.
Your Friend Lee

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